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Kacie Darden

Kacie Darden, Owner

I am Kacie Darden, and I live in Marietta, Georgia. I am proud to be the owner of Blue Pineapple Travel! I am a fun-loving world traveller and a mom to twin boys. I have been to six of the seven continents (I'm coming for you Australia), and close to 50 countries. I love all things Disney related, and I have a deep history with endurance sports. My bachelors and masters degrees are in ecology, and then I spent 10 years as a science teacher. I have been in the travel industry for a few years now, and I think it is the perfect mix of the things that I love!

My favorite places to help you plan include Hawaii, group travel, Disney Destinations, and unique locations for independent tours! I really enjoy the challenge of a unique trip, so if you want to plan a corporate retreat in Iceland or a family reunion in a treehouse, give me a call!

I continually work to improve and learn as a travel agent. My certifications and education in this field include:

-Certified Travel Associate from the Travel Institute
-Hawaiian Island Destination Specialist

-Kauai and Maui Nui Master Specialist
-Completed extensive Agent Education Program at the Walt Disney World Resort and Disney Cruise Line
-Certified Sandals Specialist
-Selected for multiple national level conferences and board

Can I help you plan a trip? Send me an email to kacie@bluepineappletravel.com


Autumn Andretta

Autumn Andretta, Manager & Travel Planner

Hi! My name is Autumn Andretta and I live in Canton, Georgia with my husband and four young children. I have a masters degree in Social Work and I love to see the world and experience new cultures! My passion for travel started when visiting Europe in high school. Since then I have had the opportunity to visit amazing destinations in Italy, France, Greece, Russia, Spain, Romania, Austria, Peru, Germany, Latvia, the U.K. and more! Having young children I have added Disney Destinations to our travel list, and as a result, I have also fallen in love with the magic of Walt Disney World!

I look recently traveled to Greece, Jamaica, and Alaska, and looking forward to my next trip to Hawaii!

In addition to personal travel experiences, as a professional I feel it is important to continue expanding my knowledge and training in various areas. I am excited to also bring these experiences and certifications to my clients:

Certified Sandals Specialist

Hawaii Destination Specialist

Graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge

AM Resorts Master Agent (Zoetry, Secrets, Dreams, Breathless, Now and Sunscape resorts)

Member of the Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialists Association (DWHSA)

Ready to start on YOUR travel list? Email me at autumn@bluepineappletravel.com.


Trina Weischedel

Trina Weischedel, CFO and Travel Planner

Hi! My name is Trina Weischedel and I live in Dawsonville, Georgia with my husband and teen sons. I've had a love of travel and travel planning, my entire adult life. I’m a details girl, so I’m happy to spend time finding the best shrimp and grits in Charleston, the best glacier for dog sledding in Alaska, or the best way to see Rome in a day!

I love helping plan destination weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, bachelor/bachelorette parties to Mexico and the Caribbean, but I also love helping plan those unique and exciting adventures!

I recently traveled to Vancouver, Alaska, Mexico, and New York! Next up- O’ahu!

I’m continually searching for various ways to learn and grow in order to best serve my clients. I take advantage of every training opportunity available and often spend time on my personal trips learning and touring the area. In addition to my personal travel experiences, I also hold the following certifications:

-Certified Travel Associate from the Travel Institute

-Mexico Destination Specialist

-Hawaiian Island Destination Specialist

-Graduate of the Disney College of Knowledge

-AM Resorts Master Agent

-Certified 5 Star Travel Partner with Celebrity Cruise Line

-Hotel Excellence! by Marriott Hotel Sales Specialist

Email me at trina@bluepineappletravel.com to get started on your next trip!

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Katie Klaus

Travel Advisor

Hi! I'm Katie and I live in Brooklyn, New York. I've been a travel agent for a few years now, but prior to that I was an elementary school teacher. My bachelor's degree is in Media Studies and my master's degree is in Elementary Education.

A traveler at heart, I’ve visited 26 countries (and counting) across two continents. I have years of Disney vacation experience at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland resorts, and have been just about everywhere Disney Cruise Line sails (including Europe, Canada, Alaska, the Bahamas, Antigua, Martinique, St. Kitts, St. Thomas, Tortola, St. Lucia, Jamaica, St. Maarten, Barbados, Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, Bermuda and soon to be Hawaii).

I am constantly updating my knowledge and first hand experience of destinations to bring you the very best vacation choices. While in the process of completing the Certified Travel Associate program from the Travel Institute, I also hold the following certifications.

- Disney College of Knowledge Graduate

- Certified Sandals Specialist

- Certified 5 Star Travel Partner with Celebrity Cruises- Certified Grand Globetrotter with Carnival Cruises- Certified Master of Adventure with Royal Caribbean Cruises- Hotel Excellence! by Marriott Hotel Sales SpecialistNo matter where you go, my goal is to help make every trip more memorable than the last. Ready to dream up your next destination? Email me at katie@bluepineappletravel.com


Cara Blair

Travel Advisor

Hello! I’m Cara Blair and I live in a suburb just outside of Atlanta. I am a wife and a mother of 2 adorable girls and 2 fantastic twin boys. I love to travel to exciting places and especially love to plan travel. I have been known to start packing lists 6 months in advance! Planning a trip is so exciting and as a travel planner, I can help you plan the trip of a lifetime by removing some of the stress and hassle that comes along with planning a vacation. You may know where you would like to go but don’t know where to start. You may just know you need a vacation! That’s where I can help! Small details, vacation logistics, and destinations are my expertise! I can help you find the perfect destination-cruise, all-inclusive resort, theme park (I am a huge Walt Disney World fan), or just a quick weekend getaway. At Blue Pineapple Travel, my services do not cost you anything! You get all the help of planning without adding any additional cost for expertise, knowledge, and service. When can you travel?

-Graduate of the Disney College of Knowledge -Norwegian Cruise Line Master’s Degree -Sandals Certified Specialist -Atlantis Ambassador -Omni Certificate of Expertise -Hilton Travels Professional Program completion -Goway Specialist Program -Travel Impressions University Graduate -La Coleccion Expert -Hotel Xcaret Mexico Xpert -Princess Cruise Lines - Certified Accademy Expert -Hawaiian Islands Specialist -Matai Fiji Happiness Specialist -Palace Resorts Specialist - Australian Specialist - Jamaican Travel Specialist


Nicole Andjuar

Travel Advisor

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

Travel is my passion and I am beyond thankful for the adventures that life has taken me on. It is so hard to pick a favorite, but a few of my favorites are Paris, Italy, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. And of course, you can never leave Disney World off a list of favorites! 🌎🛳️✈️ I would love to help you plan your next trip!

Send me an email at nicole@bluepineappletravel.com to get started.


Tracy Vivelo

Travel Advisor

Hi! I am Tracy Vivelo , I live in New Jersey with my husband and 12 year old daughter. I have been a travel agent for several years now, and love helping people create memories that will last a lifetime! Starting with planning Disney destinations, my career has expanded to all destinations! I have always loved to travel, and feel it is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself or your family!

When working with a client, I really focus on their individual needs. I feel that the most important part of a successful trip is to make sure it is tailored to each individual person, family or group. DIfferent people can visit the same destination and have completely different trips, it’s all about prioritizing what is important to you, and I can help you do that!Part of being able to help you do that is through ongoing training and first hand experiences.Some of my favorite personal trips just this past year have been to Disney, California, and Bermuda . I have also really enjoyed the various cruises I have been on!

I have also attended Agent Education Program and Familiarization trips to Disney World, a Disney Cruise to Canada, and am looking forward to an upcoming one to RIviera Maya, Mexico with my agency!I have a bucket list of future destination too long to list , but some at the top are Turks and Caicos, St. Lucia, Cuba, and Ireland!Contact me at Tracy@bluepineappletravel.com to help create your one of a kind adventure!


Laura Anderson

Travel Advisor

Hey there, I am Laura Anderson. I am a fun-loving gal that lives in a small town outside of Atlanta that is growing bigger every day. Growing up, I was the go to travel planner for my family and friends. I happily took the opportunity to design wonderful trips that fit each person’s needs. I love adventure so I embrace meeting new people, exploring new cultures, seeing new places, and learning in the process. I am a devoted foodie, so travel and eating different cuisine are two of my biggest hobbies. In my spare time I love planning events, crafting unique recipes, loving on my fur baby ‘Rocket,’ and spending time with my family and love of my life. My background is in Sales, Marketing, and Event planning, however, I have taken a journey this year to really find what brings me joy and I knew this was the right fit for me. My ultimate love is bringing others joy; whether they need to relax, escape, go on an exploration, or connect with their family and friends. I am thrilled to provide you with excellent service as your personal travel consultant so that your vacations will not only be memorable, but will be talked about for years to come. I understand with so many options these days it can be overwhelming to find that perfect place, I get it, so that is why I am here to take that worry away. I hope to add whatever you are looking for to your already amazing life!

With no upfront cost, I can help plan anything from a weekend getaway, an exciting cruise, a stay at an all-inclusive resort, to a family trip to a theme park. I have experience with corporate excursions as well so no amount of fun is out of reach for your family or team. I look forward to getting the opportunity to make your next experience unforgettably amazing.



Cindy Hypes

Travel Advisor

Hi Guys! My name is Cindy Hypes, blessed to be the mom of 3 great kids, who love to travel too.

Traveling for me started when I was young, growing up moving where the military would send us. This gave me the ability to learn how to adjust to new places and to step out of my comfort zone. It taught me to be flexible to change, appreciate other cultures and meeting people from other countries. It instilled in me the wanderlust spirit I have to this day.

My husband of 20 years is a Captain in the military. His career had afforded us the opportunity to serve, live and travel overseas. We lived in Europe for a couple of years and we tried to fit in as many exciting adventures as possible. I came to realize my love for travel is matched perfectly with my desire to help others make their travel dreams come true. With a career story that has taken me from Administration, Management, Human Resources to a passionate Travel Planner.

I am honored that I get to share my life with a community of people who love to travel just as much as I do! The talented group of professionals at Blue Pineapple Travel, inspire me to help others create the most memorable vacations.

Traveling through centuries-old seaside villages of Cinque Terre, Italy, taking in the magnificent sights & sampling tasty olive oils at Santorini, Greece, standing on the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland, were just a few of my favorite memories. These memories, and more fuel my desire to continue on my traveling journey and to craft personalized travel experiences for others. My bucket list includes the Maldives, Costa Rica, St. Lucia, Japan, and New Zealand. What's yours? You choose the destination and let me take care of all the details!

I'd love to share my first-hand experience and knowledge and send you on your own memorable vacation.

"You can always make more money, but you can never make more time" -author unknown