Wanting to go on a tropical vacation, but looking for a new/different destination???

Wanting to go on a tropical vacation, but looking for a new/different destination???

I have one word for you…Cabo!!

Located on the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula where the desert meets the Pacific Ocean, Los Cabos is a vacation destination that is PERFECT for a girls trip, couples or group getaway!  I’m going to highlight 3 different elements of Cabo and then you can decide if Cabo is right for you!! 


~ Cabo’s pools ~

People go to Cabo for the pools and resorts are designed around the pools! Most beaches in Cabo have intense waves and a strong current. For that reason, Cabo resorts offer unbelievable infinite pools to bring you closer to the ocean. While in Cabo last month, I spent my mornings walking the beach and lounging/reading/working on a beachside cabana…when it was time for a dip, to the infinite pool I went. I visited 4 resorts in Cabo and each one had the most amazing infinite pools and poolside service! (*there are a few resorts that have swimmable beaches if that is an absolute must your you) 


~ Cabo gastronomy ~

Whether it was a taco stand in town or a 2 Michelin star chef curated dinner at my resort, each and every meal I had in Cabo was delicious! There are several gastronomic festivals throughout the year and I was lucky enough to visit Cabo during a month when it was showcasing the avocado! Did I hit the jackpot? …YES! From avocado ice cream, to avocado truffles, to guacamole being served 3 meals a day…avocado was everywhere and I loved it!


~ Cabo resorts ~

As I mentioned, I visited 4 resorts in Cabo. Each one different and each one spectacular! In addition to visiting these resorts, I had the opportunity to meet with representatives from 6 other resorts. Want to go on a girls trip? …I can help you find the perfect fit. Anniversary?  ….there are so many options! Family or large group trip? …We’ve got you covered! 

These connections and relationships help us deliver the perfect vacation for you!


I have been curious about Cabo for years and am so glad that I got to experience it (and can’t wait to go back)! Do you have interest in Cabo? I’d love to plan your trip!

Nicole Andujar






All Roads Lead to Food

All Roads Lead to Food