We are often looking for quick getaways from Atlanta. My personal favorite driving distance get away is to Asheville, North Carolina. I love Asheville for it's funky art, great food, accessibility to the mountains, and totally different feel. Over the years, we have tried every kind of place to stay--big name hotels, bed and breakfast, small hotels, etc. I was thrilled to find out that a brand new contemporary option was being built in the downtown area!


The Kimpton Hotel Arras is truly in the heart of downtown Asheville, and I got to take a hard hat tour!


Hotel Arras is truly based in a sense of place. Not only is it an amazing location in downtown, but it brings in a sense of art from the community. All of the art in the hotel and each of the rooms is from local artisans who were rendering beautiful pieces based on the natural setting. You can see the French Broad River in this incredible piece by the headboard.


There is a sculpture in the front to show the great street music scene, and then you can walk out on the streets and enjoy the music too!

Asheville is truly a beer town! When you stay at Hotel Arras, you can just pop out and be in some incredibly local breweries in no time! We love Wicked Weed because the food is great too!


The hotel is open now, and there are some exceptional rates for the opening months, so let's you to the mountains for a weekend! It's a great family trip or a lovely quick couples escape! Let us know if we can get you to the mountains!

Kacie Darden
Owner & Travel Advisor


Wanting to go on a tropical vacation, but looking for a new/different destination???

Wanting to go on a tropical vacation, but looking for a new/different destination???