Finest Playa Mujeres!

Finest Playa Mujeres!

In January, I had the pleasure of staying at Finest Playa Mujeres with my husband and four year old twin boys. As a travel agency owner, I have been to many resorts across the Caribbean, and I was honestly unsure about how Finest was different. After arriving, I figure it out almost immediately! Finest is a simply beautiful setting where everyone experiences luxury, but children are truly welcome. Often, when you go to a family-friendly resort, you do not have that high-end feel, but Finest truly delivers that! The rooms are gorgeous, and perfectly fit our family. The pools can be either quiet or energetic, depending on the feel you want at that time. 

The beach is absolutely beautiful, expansive, and had activities all day. The water is clear and calm. There is a ton of space on the beach, which is not always true in the area. 


The dining location are just fantastic. I often feel that in nicer dining locations, children are not welcome, but that is not the case at Finest. We were able to enjoy wonderful food and atmospheres around the property. We loved the teppenyaki dinner! There is also a lobster restaurant that was outstanding! We found the room service to be fast and delicious too. 


There are two different club levels if you want to elevate your service experience. Finest Club is for families. It gives you an extra lounge, additional service, and a special area with reserved seating on the beach. There is also an Excellence Club building for an adult only experience within the family friendly resort. 

The kids club had activities all day that my boys begged to go do. Sometimes at family resorts, the children only play video games all day, but that was not our experience at Finest! They had crafts, games, sports, and were totally entertained! Not only that, but I could go back with them and play on the water playground with them if I wanted to play together. 


There are some great room type options, including these gorgeous swim up rooms with over water hammocks that are basically made for Instagram....for real y'all, look at these! 


After my experience at Finest, I cannot wait to recommend it to my clients. It is fantastic to have a beautiful beach resort that truly caters to the entire family!


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Kacie Darden
Owner- Blue Pineapple Travel

To Brunch or not to Brunch?

To Brunch or not to Brunch?

The Internet is for looking, Travel Agents are for Booking!!

The Internet is for looking, Travel Agents are for Booking!!