To Brunch or not to Brunch?

To Brunch or not to Brunch?

If you’ve ever sailed with Disney Cruise Line, there is a good chance that you’ve heard of Palo. Palo is an adult exclusive restaurant, serving up Italian fare for dinner and brunch. I’ve enjoyed both multiple times and I can tell you that it’s wonderful!


Brunch at Palo affords you some incredible views!! Whether you’re in the Caribbean, Alaska, or the Mediterranean, the views from Palo are truly amazing!


While dinner at Palo is served nightly, brunch is only offered on sea days on cruises of 4 nights or longer. Reservations are required for Palo so make sure you select a time when doing your online check-in. The current charge for Palo brunch is $40. Now you may be wondering WHY you would pay $40 for brunch when there is so much food available on the ship that’s included in your cruise fare? That’s a totally legitimate question. Let me tell you why. Better yet, let me show you why. ;-)

Palo Brunch starts off with a complimentary Bellini or Mimosa.


Brunch is a combination of hot made to order entrees as well as a cold buffet of sea food, meats, cheeses, desserts, pastries, and just about everything in between.

You will place your order for your hot entree(s) and your waiter will take you to tour the buffet. What a tour it is!


Tuna Nicoise salad, salmon mousse, seared tuna, shrimp cocktail, grilled vegetables and Belgium endives. I LOVE the tuna!


Parmesan and salami. Oh my!


Prosciutto and melon, cheeses, mousses, and more!


Scallops, shrimp cocktail shooters, crab legs, and all the condiments!


Cheeses, salads, and more!


Fresh fruits and pastries.


Once you make your way back to your table and enjoy your buffet findings, it’s time for your hot entrees. SO much food! Haha

I ALWAYS order the Parmesan crusted chicken with creamy risotto. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing this dish is!


My husband had the three cheese omelet last time and declared it fantastic! Don’t get me wrong, he had the Parmesan crusted chicken as well. LOL


I’m not exactly sure how we managed it (lots of persuasion from our server) but we’ve split a pizza before and they are utterly divine. My favorite is the grape and gorgonzola but the goat cheese and tomato was fabulous as well.


If you’re still game after your initial trips to the buffet and your hot entree(s) head back to the buffet for dessert. They have an amazing spread to choose from! This is a fantastic opportunity to try items that you may not try otherwise.

Choose from canolis, tarts, chocolate covered strawberries, cappuccino mousse, trifle, and more.


Tiramisu, white chocolate and walnut brownies. YUM! The tiramisu is my favorite!


Pistachio chocolate slice, nutella filled pastries, fruit tarts, mousse, and more.


Make your selections and head back to your table to enjoy them.


At this point, you will most likely need to be rolled out but it’s so worth it!

Palo does have a dress code so make sure you adhere to it or you will be asked to change your clothing which will cut into your eating time. LOL

We honestly try to book Palo brunch and dinner each cruise because we just enjoy it that much. The ambiance is nice, the food is spectacular, and the views can’t be beat. Not to mention the service. Goodness. If you think the service in the main dining rooms is fantastic (it is!!) you will be blown away by the service in Palo. These folks just can’t do enough for you and they are complete enablers. haha You may think you couldn’t possibly hold another bite of food and there they are trying to push something else on you. LOL They are amazing!! Side note, Palo servers are NOT included in your daily gratuities so we make sure that we add a gratuity onto our check. The amount, if any, is entirely at your discretion.


Are you ready for brunch in Palo? I know I am and I can’t wait to enjoy it while admiring Alaska! Let me know if I can help you book your next Disney Cruise and Palo brunch.

Trina Weischedel
CFO & Travel Planner

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