Why You Should Visit Costa Rica!

Why You Should Visit Costa Rica!

In December of 2018, I took a vacation to Costa Rica with my husband and 4 year old twin boys. We were excited to experience a new destination together, and we had a list of things we want to see and experience. There are a few reasons you will want to visit Costa Rica on your next trip!

1. Outdoor Adventure 

Costa Rica is known for it's adventure travel. You can do anything from rappelling down waterfalls to hanging bridges and zip lining. If you are into high adventure that is available! We were traveling with small kiddos, so we kept our adventure level to what they are able to do, and we had a blast! We ended up experiencing the hanging bridges and a safari float!


2. Wildlife (SLOTHS!)

The wildlife diversity in Costa Rica is truly a treasure. We found that even our drivers would stop and identify animals when we were not on a tour. Everyone gets into sighting great birds, and of course sloths!


3. Great Beaches

You have two options for beaches in this Central American country on both the Pacific or the Caribbean. That gives you options for either great surfing on the Pacific or clear blue water on the Caribbean. There are even all-inclusive resort options available in Costa Rica!

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4. Kind and Generous People

We were really blown away by the kindness of everyone we met. People in Costa Rica are truly kind and giving. They take time to talk to you and when you are traveling with children, your children. We had such positive interactions throughout our trip!


5. Beautiful Sunsets

I mean, how  gorgeous is this! We went on a catamaran to take in the sunset, and it was simply spectacular. The Guanacaste area is a drier part of the country, which means not too many cloud at that gorgeous time of night!


6. Volcanos! 

We were blown away (get it?!) by how close you can get to the volcanos. We stayed in the shadow of Arenal, and it is simply spectacular. Not only do you get to enjoy the volcanic view, it also means that most of the hotels and the area have natural hot springs, which are so relaxing!


7. Family Friendly Destination 

I was impressed time and time again at what a family-friendly destination this was. From the time we got off of the plane, they had a separate immigration line for families. People would take time to talk to our boys and to teach them a little Spanish. Sometimes traveling with children can be nerve wracking, but in Costa Rica, we honestly felt like we were at home. 


8. Many Destinations in the Country

A great part of visiting this destination is that it is easy to fall in love with. But, because there are such a variety of places to see, you can take many trips back to Costa Rica and keep experiences different things. We like to create itineraries where you see more than one area of the country if time allows. Regardless, when you decide to go back, we can send you to totally different parts of the country for different and new experiences. 


9. Great Resort Options

We stayed at Arenal Springs Resort, spent a day at The Springs, and went to Westin Playa Conchal at the beach. All of them were simply fantastic! If you are going on an adult only trip, we love sending people to Villa Buena Onda at the beach. No matter your travel style, budget, or goals of the trip, we have some fantastic resort offerings to fit your dream trip in Costa Rica!


10. Pura Vida! 

In Costa Rica, people will often say to you "Pura Vida!" It means a pure or simple life, but it is a feeling and a deep meaning in the country. I really loved the spirit of Costa Rica, and I would love to share it with you! We work with in-country partner, Namu Travel to be sure that you are supported when you are in destination as well. I can't wait to share Costa Rica with you! Let me know when you want to go, and we will plan an incredible trip!


Ready for your adventure to Costa Rica?

Kacie Darden
Owner & Travel Planner

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