Hate Airports? Head to the Lounge!

Hate Airports? Head to the Lounge!

While the airport may be one of the VERY best places for people-watching, sometimes the hustle and bustle can be overwhelming.  Where CAN you go to find a bit a peace and quiet? An airport lounge. That’s where.


So what’s the big deal about airport lounges? The benefits, besides the quieter more low-key atmosphere, are the dedicated space to put your personal effects, snacks (hot and cold options) and drinks (non-alcoholic and alcoholic), power outlets, WiFi, clean bathrooms, access to airline employees who can help with flights (including seating, rebooking, etc.), massages and spaces (in some locations) and in many places shower facilities. Shower facilities you say?  Yes! I have utilized the shower facilities multiple times after long-haul flights. They’re clean, the showers are hot, and shower amenities are provided (shampoo/conditioner/body soap).

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Airport lounges have their own personality depending on which airline you are flying, which company runs them, and they differ from one lounge to the next even within the same brand. On a recent flight on Qantas Airlines in business class, I had access to the business class lounge at LAX before the 14-hour flight to Brisbane.  The LAX lounge was definitely one of the busier lounges I have been in, but there was room for everyone to have a seat. The complimentary alcoholic drink selection was more refined than most other lounges and the food more plentiful. My fellow passengers, like myself, were preparing for a long-haul flight late at night, so the vibe was more muted than being in a Delta or Alaska Airlines lounge first thing on a Monday morning. The business class lounge in Brisbane after the flight, was a more vibrant lounge first thing in the morning, full of passengers starting off their day with breakfast, and in some cases a Bloody Mary or a beer.

Airport lounges are not just for adults, and families have been welcome to bring their children in every lounge I’ve been in.  Airport lounges are often a quiet space for families to get away from the hustle and bustle – my own 12 year old has been accompanying me in airport lounges since he was very young. He likes having his own space to curl up with his mobile device, and he says the snack options and non-alcoholic drinks are just fine. If you do bring your children to the lounge with you, keep in mind that many people are using the lounge for work reasons, and all children AND adults are expected to act appropriately.

Photo credit : The Points Guy www.thepointsguy.com

Photo credit : The Points Guy www.thepointsguy.com

As a Delta Reserve American Express cardholder, one of my benefits is access to all the Delta Sky Clubs around the world when I’m traveling on a Delta Airlines flight.  I can even bring guests into the club with me for a small fee. Holding a Delta Reserve Amex card isn’t the only way to have Sky Club access, if you hold a Delta Sky Club membership, are traveling in Delta One, have a gold or platinum Delta Amex card, or any other number of qualifiers, you can also access the Sky Club and all its benefits, complimentary or for a small fee.  For more information on Delta Sky Club access, visit the link: https://www.delta.com/us/en/delta-sky-club/access.  

Delta is just one of the many airlines with lounges, and often you may be able to get access to partner airline lounges if you hold a specific status with an airline. For example, I have access to all SkyTeam lounges due to my frequent flier status on Delta. I often frequent the KLM lounges in Amsterdam and the Korean Air lounges in Seoul. Airlines aren’t the only ones with lounges, some credit card providers also have airport lounges and there are also independent lounges, each with specific entrance qualifications.  

I’ve watched an eclipse, sat on an outdoor patio listening to music, spent long hours catching up on work, enjoyed a few glasses of wine, caught a few zzzz, and curled up with a book at the end of a long day, all in airport lounges around the world.

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So next time you’re in an airport and the chaos seems a bit too much, take the advice of a road warrior like myself - explore the airport lounge options and get away from it all!

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Bethany Davidson-Widby
Travel Planner


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