The Big A$$ Beach House Vacation Logistics Part 1

The Big A$$ Beach House Vacation Logistics Part 1

I freaking love my family.  I actually have the best family in the world.  Try to fight me on this.  If you’ve met my family though, you wouldn’t try to fight it.  I was raised by the best parents who had 7 wonderful children (I mean, I’m one of them).  All 7 of us have gotten married and most of us have had children of our own.  We’ve moved out and some of us away. 


Every few years, we all convene in the Outer Banks in North Carolina, rent a big a$$ beach house, and spend the week together.  How big of a beach house does it take to house us all?  Ummm… a lot.  Between my parents, the 7 of us, our spouses, and our 25(!) kids, we need a HUGE house.  We end up renting a 16 bedroom (or so) house and it takes A LOT of planning to make the week smooth and seamless. 

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Did someone say logistics???  OMG… my favorite!  I could probably write a novel on some of the things we do in the planning stages for our vacations.  I will focus on a few important aspects that have kept us sane and getting along well before, during, and after vacation.

  • Create a dedicated trip discussion group.  We use SLACK and have different “channels” or conversations dedicated to different topics so it’s easy to go back, refence, and find.  A few of the channels we have include:

  • Meals—we predetermine the day of the week each family is responsible for dinner

  • Household supplies—we decide who is bringing what, what we buy ahead of time, and what we purchase once in OBX

  • Travel Plans—how are we getting there? 

  •  Nerd-stuff—because clearly we are nerds and need a place to let our crazy shine and discuss things like proper parking arrangements, sunset times, moon shadow details, etc

  •  Determine sleeping arrangements well ahead of time.  We take into account who needs to be close to a laundry room (me), who needs to have easy access to the pool, who needs to be on the main floor, etc.  This helps prepare all of the kids so that there is no disappointment or surprises come vacation time.

  •  Prepare grocery lists ahead of time.

  •  We all take turns buying groceries/preparing meals.  Having some centralized grocery lists helps keep us from ending up with 17 jars of peanut butter at the end of the trip. 

We leave at the end of June so stay tuned for another blog post (or 2) about the logistics and preparations.  Did you know we can book your beach vacations?

Cara Blair
Travel Planner

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