Travel with children? Yes! ~ Even out of the country? Of Course!

Travel with children? Yes! ~ Even out of the country? Of Course!

I have heard it countless times: “We have kids, we’ll have to wait until they are older to travel.” Well, my fellow travelers, I am here to tell you that you CAN see the world WITH your little ones by your side. I’m not only talking about traveling with teenage children; babies, toddlers and elementary age children make awesome traveling companions! Below are a few tips for following your wanderlust and being a globetrotter with kids in tow. 



1) Go! - Just do it! Often the toughest part of going on an international adventure with your children is making the choice to go. Once the choice is made, it is time for the fun part! 


2)  Time to prepare - Preparation includes deciding on location, getting passports and figuring out the logistics (school calendar, TSA rules/regulations, car seats, etc.). This is where the right travel planner makes all the difference. Navigating this on your own may be stressful or overwhelming, but a travel planner who has first-hand experience can make the process smooth and simple. 




3) You’ve decided to go… your family vacation is planned… you and your little travel partners are ready for a grand adventure… now what? My number one travel tip with kids is… Slow down, take it all in, and enjoy the ride. 

*Your 1 year old decides that the small park in front of the Prado museum in Madrid is more interesting than the Prado itself? Grab a snack, have an unplanned picnic and slide into the Prado an hour before it closes (the crowds are lower then anyway). 

*Your 3 year old decides the llamas at Machu Picchu are cooler than Machu Picchu itself (I mean, who doesn’t love llamas?)… Feed those llamas, pet those llamas and watch your toddler giggle with delight. Machu Picchu has been there for quite a while, it will still be there in 20 minutes after you have a llama playdate. 

*Your 8 year old waited in line for an hour to take a try on the trapeze that was perfectly placed between Dominican palm trees and then backs out at the last minute (those would have been amazing pictures)… Oh well, next time buddy. There are plenty of other adventures to try. 


I could go on and on with examples of changed plans and plan Bs, but looking back, some of those plan Bs were the most memorable parts of our travels. 

 So, my fellow parents with a heart for travel… Decide to go, plan your adventure, take it all in and enjoy the ride!

‘When you travel with your children you are giving them something that 

can never be taken away… 

Experience, exposure and a way of life’

Pamela T Chandler

Nicole Andujar

Travel Planner  


Traveling with Mom

Traveling with Mom

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