I said "YES!" Again.

I said "YES!" Again.

10 Year Vow Renewal at Excellence Playa Mujeres!

Every year, my husband and I take a trip with no kiddos because it gives us a chance to recharge, reconnect, and just RELAX. This year, we are celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary and decided that it would be a great time to renew our vows! We renewed at 5 years in Vegas and knew we wanted to celebrate 10 years at Excellence Playa Mujeres.


We’ve visited this resort for the last 3 years and just love it! We knew the staff would make our day extra special and the gorgeous resort would be the perfect back drop for our big day.

For an overview of the resort, check out this blog piece I wrote up a while back. https://www.bluepineappletravel.com/news-notes/2019/4/14/j3d3fn8ts4kd3ijmxzf9yyff29ps8a


After booking our trip, I immediately reached out to the wedding department to get the ball rolling on the vow renewal. They responded very quickly asking about our preferred date and presented us with the vow/wedding package options.  She also provided us with information regarding the requirements for vow renewals/weddings at the resort. Even though ours was a renewal, we were still required to be at the resort at least two business days prior to the ceremony, which was a non-issue for us. They offer a great variety of vow renewal/wedding options, but we chose the one that was complimentary with our stay. Yes, FREE!!

While many brides may want to be very hands on with their renewal/wedding, I did not. Haha I wanted to make a couple of decisions and be done. Seriously. I was basically having a second honeymoon and just didn’t want to be bothered with lots of decisions and meetings. I wanted everything done for me while I relaxed.

We simply needed to decide if we wanted the ceremony at the stone gazebo or the beach gazebo, carpet aisle with starfish and seashells OR candles and river rocks, wedding cake flavor, and which restaurant we wanted to have dinner in that night. That was it!! DONE!!


A couple of weeks before our trip, our coordinator reached out to set up a meeting once we were onsite. It literally took 15 minutes and it was basically to confirm everything that we had already discussed and to talk about a backup plan in case the weather wasn’t cooperative.

We arrived at the resort on Sunday and had planned the renewal for Wednesday so that we met the minimum stay requirement AND had a couple of days to relax before the big day.

Our big day was spent much like the two days prior- relaxing and being pampered on the excellence club beach in a gorgeous bali bed!


Our beach concierge really went out of their way to spoil us on this day though. While at breakfast, they decorated our bali bed and presented us with mimosas and gave my husband a lovely rose to give to me. They are the BEST!


We opted to have our ceremony at 6:00 PM in hopes that it wouldn’t be quite as hot as mid-day. We made our way to the beach with our coordinator, went over some last minute details, and we were on our way to getting married, AGAIN!!

The ceremony itself, lasted maybe 15 minutes and it was time to kiss the bride! I have always dreamed about a beach wedding and this was absolutely perfect! All I had to do was show up!!


Once the ceremony was over, we were presented with a vow renewal certificate to mark our special day. We opted to purchase an additional photo package, so we spent some extra time with the photographer taking some photos around the resort. They did a fantastic job!


Next up was dinner at Chez Isabelle. Our table was beautifully decorated with rose petals and our server was just wonderful. Not to mention dinner. It was simply incredible!


Just when we thought things couldn’t possibly get better, we were presented with the wedding cake we had chosen. OH. MY. GOSH. It was wonderful! Entirely too much for two people but absolutely delicious!


When we absolutely could not hold another bite of cake, we made our way back to our room to discover the banner on the door had been changed from “anniversary” to “just married” and the room was decorated with towel animals and roses.


 This resort pays SO much attention to detail and the staff are top notch. It’s truly incredible and I am so glad that I entrusted them with our special day. It was even more spectacular than I had envisioned!


If you’re looking for a vow renewal or a destination wedding, I highly recommend this resort! They left nothing to chance and I felt fully prepared going in. I wasn’t left wondering “what if this” or “what if that” I had great communication from beginning to end.

Ready to start planning your big day? Let’s get started!

Trina Weischedel
CFO & Travel Planner








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