Your Hawaiʻi Questions Answered!

Your Hawaiʻi Questions Answered!


What does Hawaiʻi mean to you?  Bucket list vacation, an adventurer’s dream, fascinating culture, breathtaking scenery, majestic history... well whatever it may mean to you, the Aloha spirit sure has captured our hearts here at Blue Pineapple Travel. 

Being the #1 aspirational destination for North American travelers, Hawaiʻi, in itself is a destination that never disappoints with a customer satisfaction rate of 98%.  With so many unique islands, accommodations, and activities, Hawaiʻi can be personalized for anyone. It can be a little overwhelming learning about the multitude that Hawaiʻi has to offer, so I am here to walk you through some of the common questions that many of our clients have. Also, this is why you have your trusted Blue Pineapple Travel Agent to assist you in making your long planned Hawaiʻi vacation sooner rather than later.

“The Hawaiʻi customer includes the bucket list, culture & arts, romance & destination, golf, and the outdoor recreation traveler.”

Here is a brief introduction first. There are 6 major islands that make up Hawaiʻi... Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and the island of Hawaiʻi! As I stated previously, each of these are known for something different. Let’s talk about some questions travelers have about making Hawaiʻi their next vacation spot.

Q.  I want more than beach time, what else is there to do?

A.While Hawaiʻi does have some of the best beaches in the world, it isn’t just sand and surf. There are mountains, rivers, volcanoes, culinary and cultural experiences, royal palaces, golf courses, performing arts, archaeology, ecotourism, etc make the beaches feel like a beautiful bonus.


Q.  Hawaiʻi costs more than other destinations, is the value worth it?

A.While Hawaiʻi has upscale hotels, it also has condominiums, and moderate to budget friendly accommodations. Blue Pineapple Travel agents can bundle air, hotel, and car for you that provide excellent value. Many of Hawaiʻi’s activities are free or have a nominal cost.  90% of Hawaiʻi visitors say they would return…so rest assured your investment is worthwhile.


Q.  How far away is it?

A. 5 hours direct flights from U.S. west coast, it isn’t as far as some might think. Coming from the east coast gives you the opportunity to stay a day on the west coast to break up your trip. Believe me a few extra hours in the air is a small price to pay for this piece of paradise.


Q.  Hawaiʻi seems like it is a hot spot for tourists, are there areas that are more secluded?

A. Absolutely, even near Waikiki, there are pristine beaches and remote mountains. The islands of Molokai and Lanai are very private.


Q. Where are the all-inclusive resorts?

A. Hawaiʻi has so many things to do and see that exploration is a must. Being able to travel between islands safely and easily gives little meaning to wanting to stay in one spot. There are plenty of eateries everywhere, however if you have your heart set on meals included, you can opt for a Hawaiian cruise, a kitchen equipped condo, or a breakfast included option at some resorts.


I hope these answers helped you understand a little more about these majestic islands.

So, if you are seeking “Only In Hawaiʻi” opportunities, participatory experiences, and a myriad of multicultural interactions without leaving the U.S. then Hawaiʻi is your place!

Ready for your Hawaiian vacation? Let’s get started planning!

Laura Anderson
Travel Advisor


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