Montage Kapalua Bay

Montage Kapalua Bay

In May, I had the opportunity to spend at night at the beautiful Montage Kapalua Bay in Maui. When you land in Maui, you can grab your rental car and drive about an hour to the Kapalua Bay area to this absolutely perfect resort.


The check in process is so easy and flawless. You are greeted by the valet and a hostess who finds you a seat and a fresh Maui Gold Pineapple! Then, they walk you to your suite where the check in occurs. No need to wait in lines in a lobby carrying all of your things. Your check in occurs in the comfort of your suite.


The rooms are giant and can become your home during your time in Maui. You will have beautiful rooms and bathrooms. The kitchens are large and spacious, and you have a laundry room as well. Having been in Maui over a week already, I was happy to throw in a quick load of laundry and while I sipped my Montage blend of coffee on the porch. The porch area has multiple seating areas, and I just wanted to live in that space!


I was able to eat dinner and breakfast at the resort as well. The cocktails were creative and truly delicious. Even though I was eating at the more casual dining location, the food came from the higher end dining location, and it was remarkable. I had been eating great food in Maui for a week, but this food stood out among it all!


The pool is tiered and overlooks the gorgeous ocean. Even though there are plenty of spaces for people to enjoy, it feels peaceful and quiet. It seems like you could always find a private space no matter if people are in the pool as well or not.


Landscaping in Hawaii is always beautiful and lush. But the grounds of Montage Kapalua Bay truly feels like you are inside a botanical dream! Flowers and plants naturally mold into the walkways, pool, and the dining areas. The ground make you feel like you are deep in the most luxurious Hawaiian landscape you can imagine.


Now, speaking of luxury, let's talk about the Spa Montage! This spa is truly a retreat. The wet areas are beautiful, natural, and relaxing. The treatment rooms are more like bungalows that blend into the outdoor space with amazing fans and aromatherapy. The therapists were talented, friendly, and listened to my thoughts and concerns. It was a restorative experience, and I felt like I came out rested and refreshed!


I am lucky to experience amazing hotels and resorts around the world. This one is truly special. The service is impeccable without being overbearing. It's almost as if they knew what I might need before I knew. The space in the suites is plentiful, and the grounds are stunning. If you are looking to have a peaceful trip to Maui, this is the place for you, and I would love to guide you through your planning!

Kacie Darden
Owner & Advisor


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