I Just Want to Go Dog Sledding!! On a Glacier.......

I Just Want to Go Dog Sledding!! On a Glacier.......

My family and I cruised to Alaska this past summer on the Disney Wonder and had an incredible time! I talked quite a bit about our experience on the Wonder here https://www.bluepineappletravel.com/news-notes/2019/8/12/36mnoilo3724f49z8ejolvxggehqgp but promised another post on the excursions that we took. This is that post!

Our cruise was 7 nights and we had the following itinerary:

  1. Depart Vancouver

  2. Day at sea

  3. Dawes Glacier

  4. Skagway

  5. Juneau

  6. Ketchikan

  7. Day at Sea

  8. Vancouver

Dawe’s Glacier

Our first “stop” was Dawes Glacier. This isn’t really a port, but the ship does get as close to the glacier as the ice-filled water will allow. We wanted to get a bit closer, so we booked the “Glacier Explorer” option offered through the cruise line.

You meet at your designated time and location on the ship and are split into two groups. From here, you board one of two boats that have pulled up alongside the Wonder. Very similar to tender boats.

I was able to capture this gorgeous shot of the Wonder as we were pulling away on the explorer boat.


Coffee, hot chocolate, and donut holes are included in the price of the excursion and I took full advantage of the coffee because it was chilly on deck but I wasn’t about to go inside. Alcohol and snacks are available for purchase.

The ride to the glacier is just incredible! The scenery is amazing and the crew is wonderful at pointing out wildlife. We didn’t see any bears but we did see lots of cute harbor seals lazing about on icebergs.


The glacier itself is simply stunning and we were able to get SO close! My understanding is that the Wonder is often able to get pretty close but just couldn’t do so due to the ice on our sailing.


We were insanely lucky, but the glacier calved right in front of our boat. It was kind of surreal and just amazing to witness



If you read my first entry on our trip, you know there were two “must do’s” for me on this cruise. One was getting my photo with Mickey Mouse in his Alaskan gear (DONE!) and the other, was dog sledding on a glacier which just happens to be THE most cancelled excursion on an Alaskan cruise.

I decided to be as proactive as possible and book the tour for our first port stop of Skagway instead of Juneau like I had originally planned, that way, if it was cancelled I could TRY to book it in Juneau.

The tour company that I chose had a 10:45 and 4:15 slot available for our family of 3, I went with 10:45. I was so worried that fog would prevent us from flying but its totally a gamble!



The day was just gorgeous and absolutely perfect for flying!


The flight up to Sawyer Glacier was absolutely incredible! It was our first time in a helicopter and I could not imagine a more beautiful landscape to enjoy from the air.


Upon landing, we met our musher and our beautiful team!!!! These pups are just amazing and gorgeous! Not to mention incredibly friendly!!


I was on cloud nine but did focus enough to learn that our team of pups and our musher, actually compete in the Iditarod and do these runs for fun and to get the dogs some exercise over the summer months.


Each of us were able to take turns mushing the sled! I’m honestly not sure how to describe this experience. It was absolutely everything I thought it would be and more!! It was majestic and magical! YUP, even my 16 year old loved it!!!

IMG-3059 (1).JPG
IMG-3032 (1).JPG

To be honest, the cruise could’ve ended at this point and I wouldn’t have cared! It was amazing!!

IMG-2465 (1).JPG

Once we returned to town, we headed to the Skagway Brewing Company for lunch. I spent weeks prior to our trip, poring over menus and this one did not disappoint.

For whatever reason, I did NOT take a photo of my lunch. However, I had the Alaskan Sandwich which is ale battered halibut on a toasted bun and it was the most delicious thing in the world! I also enjoyed tasting several different beers. These guys know what they’re doing. Everything was wonderful.


Stay tuned for our next ports! Will they measure up??

Ready for your Alaskan adventure? Let’s get started planning!

Trina Weischedel
CFO & Travel Advisor


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