How it works!


You might need a travel agent because…

You are busy and you don't have the time to research all of the options. You might want a travel agent because you want someone with expertise in the travel industry to help you set up your travel so that you feel confident in your travel choices. You might have had the experience of having dealt with long hold times on the phone to try to make changes or edit your reservation and you just can't make time for that kind of hassle. Even if you haven't worked with a travel agent before, it might be time to change that!

So what exactly can we do for you as a travel agent and how does this work? 

You just send us your idea of the trip you want to take. We will probably send you lots of questions back. Then, we will send you a few quotes with some concrete ideas for you. If it's good, then we will set you up and get you ready to roll! If not, we will go back and forth until it's just right for you. As long as we are the one to press the "book now" button on my travel agent side of the website, then we are your agent up until and through the trip. That's it! So simple, right?! 

So let's get started! 
Even if you have never worked with a travel agent before, it's easy to get started! Send us an email, and we can begin planning your perfect trip!

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